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Nvidia Powered
DGX-1 in the Cloud

Deep Learning solutions such as the DGX-1 provide unparalleled processing power, with up to 170 teraFLOPs of compute performance available from a single server, but it’s your data that is the most valuable asset in the solution.

We have highly secure hosting facilities with the ability to provide dedicated, secure connections to sites anywhere in the UK. We are also accredited to provide PSN and N3 connections, as well as having direct links to public cloud platforms. As a hosting partner, we provide a number of options for you to interact with your deep learning platform without any compromise in data security.

Why Access in the Cloud?

Accessing a DGX-1 in the cloud gives you the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to increase processing power when you have a project that requires a fast turn-around.

How it Works

After understanding your requirements, and most likely following a proof of concept, we will architect a platform suited for use. Depending on the size of your data you can upload this to the server or the data can be encrypted, securely transported to our datacentres and uploaded directly to the server.

Features Benefits
Flexible cloud access from 1 to 12 months Convenient cloud access when you need it
Invoiced monthly rather than capital investment Defer payment while awaiting purchase approval
Remote hosted server No need to invest in your server facility.

The DGX-1 is a turn-key solution built specifically for deep learning; if you are seeing unexpected results or you are having technical problems our engineers are available 24/7 to help you.