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RapidSwitch Server Management

RapidSwitch offers server-administration and management for any servers hosted with us in our DC with unlimited support requests.

Example of Services Provided

Services we provide
  • Upgrading PHP
  • Upgrading Apache
  • Installing SSLs
  • Configuring FTP
  • Installing anti-virus
  • Configuring backups
  • Restoration of backups
  • Install server patches
  • Configure firewall port rules
  • Configure site to site VPNs between devices inside our network
  • Update control panel to the latest release
  • Update operating system where requested
  • Investigate server performance issues due to software misconfiguration and not site coding
  • Best effort recovery from a hacked server scenario
  • Reinstall of operating system
  • Install of any software or application that requires root access
  • Creating additional websites *
  • Add email accounts *
  • Install/Reinstall WordPress/Magento etc **

* Applicable to servers using cPanel/Plesk control panels only. We will advise how to carry these tasks out.

** Pure install service only. No after install changes included/no plugin installs.

What is not included

  • Change any code on websites
  • Change code that doesn’t work with upgrades
  • Debug installed applications that are crashing (wordpress, magento etc)
  • Configure site to site VPNs where one side is outside of our datacentres and network
  • Configure email for devices (phones, tablets, laptops, PCs)
  • Install additional applications to existing WordPress/Magento etc installs

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